In the Brexitjahr: India could overtake 2019 British economy


    Britain’s economy could fall back in the Brexit-2019, behind France and the former colony of India. The consulting company PWC. The now fifth-largest economy in the world, then would come perhaps only on the seventh rank, said PwC. The Ranking is based on the gross domestic product of the country, measured in dollars. The British economy is outlet since the vote for an EU in 2016, more slowly grown. In addition, the pound has lost against the Dollar considerably in value.

    PWC expects that India will soon take over fifth place. The threshold country is currently ranked seventh. For 2019, analysts expect but, with economic growth of 7.6 per cent – much more than in industrial countries. France is expected to defend, thanks to a slightly higher growth in sixth place and also overtake Britain. It should come to a disorderly Brexit could practice the British economy is even stronger than it is now expected to decline.

    British companies at the “Point of no Return”

    Meanwhile, the UK company warned on Wednesday against the damages caused to the economy of the country by the prospect of a possible disorderly Brexit. Shops of any size were now “to the point of no Return” – the “Point of no Return”, the crippling of the economy, warned the five largest commercial Agency groups in the country, in a joint statement on Wednesday.

    “With horror” watch companies in the scramble of the members of the Brexit-the agreement of the Prime Minister Theresa May. In view of this, the probability of a “No-Deal”scenario increases, a Unger Brexits apply at the end of March 2019. In preparation for this, many companies in contingency to put plans and paused or distributed investments that should actually be “boosting productivity, innovation, Jobs, and wages” in the country. Offices, factories, and therefore jobs and tax revenues from immigrants from the UK, it said.