In a dispute with the opposition Democrats insisted, America’s President Donald Trump on a border wall with Mexico, and therefore sees no quick end to the partial shutdown of the government. He could not say when the so-called Shutdown is over will be, Trump said on Tuesday in Washington.

It could not be no end, if there is a wall on the border to Mexico. Criminal, Illegal, and drugs are not likely to come into the country. “The only thing is, is a wall.” Government officials discontent with the hanging game.

Despite all the odds, Trump explained the “very good”. In a Tweet on Tuesday night he wished his countrymen and also of the odious so-called lies of the press, a merry Christmas. “I hope that everyone, even the Fake-News media, celebrate a great Christmas,” wrote the President. At the same time, he pointed out that the United States “very good”. “We secure our borders, close the great new trade agreements and bring our troops home,” wrote Trump. “We finally put America first. MERRY CHRISTMAS!“

The dispute between Trump and the Democrats had the government placed stores in the United States, in part, lame. At the weekend, a budget was entered into lock for parts of the American government in power, because up to this time, no new budget law had been adopted for several Federal ministries. Trump had refused to be a of the budget act of signing, if not provided therein, money for the long-requested border wall Mexico. He demanded five billion dollars. In the Congress there was, however, not a majority. The Democrats are opposed to trump’s call for a border wall.

Trump expressed upset about the resistance. “It is a shame what is happening in our country.” Since the days of intensive negotiations, how many budgetary funds will flow into the border security. The White house has already made it clear that Trump insists on its Five-billion-claim. So far, the positions of the negotiators are still far. A quick deal is not in sight. According to estimates by the White house, the “Shutdown could last” well into the new year.

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the government is working with several departments staff were the consequences to be felt: hundreds of thousands of them are condemned to forced leave or have to work without salary. Affected about a quarter of the government apparatus. For several ministries had already been in September, a longer-term budget has been passed. “The Shutdown should last” longer, should also get the wider population, the consequences– for example, because applications remain in authorities or public institutions, could close.