There are days like this when you feel like you’re having a bad day and it was better to stay in bed. Know that you will quickly put things into perspective! Indeed, there are people in this world who have clearly had a worse day than yours… So much so that karma seems to have completely abandoned them!

At breakfast time, do you spill your bowl of cereal filled with milk? No chance. When it’s time to leave for work, your car no longer has its four wheels? Shit life. Feeling peckish at break time, but your snack gets stuck in the dispenser? Help, hello galley. Without forgetting the vagaries of the printer or the lifting machine and all those totally unusual contingencies that ruin your day.

Think you’re the unluckiest person in the world? Put it into perspective and watch this anthology of the worst bad luck moments captured on Snapchat and other social networks, to discover in our slideshow above.