on a train in North Rhine-Westphalia has drawn to a man during the journey, a deceptively real-looking gun, and thus on other passengers in a targeted manner. As the police in Selm announced on Saturday, was overwhelmed by the 38-year-old man on Friday evening after the threat to his fellow passengers at the Stop in the District of Bork. He had resisted, and the officers insulted.

The drunken man was taken into custody. At the gun it was an airsoft gun. It is a criminal case now expects.

to come on the day previously, it was in Berlin an incident with an airsoft gun. According to the Federal police, a 15-year-old teenager shot in a fully occupied S-Bahn. Two Federal police officers who were on the way to work, arrests the known to police young people directly on the platform. Against him is now being investigated for threat, disturbance of public peace by the threat of crime, possession of a “prima facie weapon”, as well as resistance to law enforcement officers. He was handed over to the mother. The police are looking for witnesses.By the shots, no one was hurt.