The frequency of reports of undesirable behavior by the Antwerp-based urologist, Bo It is now up to thirteen, which will report in The Morning. One of the Flemish women, they claim, is the doctor in 1981, and is completely unnecessary in her urinary bladder, resulting.

The 80-year-old doctor from Bo, It stands for sexual assault and rape of a minor female patient. Ever since the news of the lawsuit came five of the other women went to the front, only a few of them were also in action. Since the hearing on the 18th of september, there were still women are added to it.

one of them is A woman, whose bladder was removed by surgery due to It. “When he was a teenager, I had anorexia,” she said in The Morning. “According to a doctor at the KU Leuven, that is me in a later response, I had no need of a doctor, a psychiatrist. My bladder, I heard, later on, there was no reason to be taken away.”

The experiment was established in 1984 and is examined in response to a complaint of a former doctor-in-training, and Bert De Ruiter, and it would have resulted in the discharge of It, as the head of the department of urology of the university Hospital Utrecht (AZU). According to The Rider died, at least two out of the six or seven patients for the surgery, saw, and got to some serious complications. The AZU said at that time more than forty-symptoms”.