In mid-October at the Central station: hostage-taking in Cologne was not an Islamist attack


    In the case of the arson attack and the hostage-taking in the Cologne Central station in mid-October, it has not acted according to the expectations of the office of the attorney General appears to be an Islamist attack. Corresponding suspicions were not corroborated in the investigation against the suspect 55-year-old Syrian, told the authority on Friday in Karlsruhe. The attorney General was, therefore, the investigation of the Cologne public Prosecutor’s office.

    Mohammad A. R. had on 15. October in a fast-food restaurant in the Cologne Central station is a combustible liquid ignited and a violent explosion is triggered. A youth was seriously injured.

    Then the man took in a adjacent pharmacy of an employee as a hostage. When he tried this light, a handle is a special command of the police. The offender was injured by the shots of the officials hard, and floated temporarily to the danger to life. He is also two months after the fact in a hospital.

    The U.S. attorney’s office had concluded the investigation in the case, originally, because of stuff information from an Islamist Background, the fact was to be expected. Accordingly, the 55 is supposed to have-Year-old, among other things, as a member of the jihadists militia of the Islamic state.

    “In the course of further investigations could be based on a radical Islamist motive, location of significant circumstantial evidence, however, is not substantiated,” said the Federal Prosecutor’s office now. In particular, no evidence would have been points for a participation of the offender in the IS.