In Knokke-Heist, belgium –

The municipality of Knokke-Heist, belgium will want to put a stop to ongemanierde of tourists to the seaside town to visit during the summer months. The municipality is working on a plan that is in the image of the city is to be assured. In addition, tourists can visit in zwemkledij on the Seawall you can walk or enjoy a meal on the ground and may be penalised.

Knokke-Heist, belgium, is the behaviour of some tourists at the resort and thoroughly fed up. Therefore, the board, at the instigation of the mayor Leopold Lippens for a plan from. “If people can’t behave, we are going to be hard to occur. It was great for a circus this summer,” said alderman for Tourism, Anthony Wittesaele (Gemeentebelangen). The social media were driving their own films from the tourists, who are bathed in the famous pink fountain in lichttorenplein.

“We have to think about a fine of a minimum of 250 euros for anyone who fails to comply with the code of conduct. Of course, we are going to be in advance is extended to communicate with. With these operations we want that the quality of the image of Knokke-Heist, belgium is guaranteed. Otherwise stuikt our business cards and our business plan is fully in place.”

the Bad news from the beach:

It’s a plan that means bad news for the beach. It may be, as of 2020, no longer have music on the beach. In the last few years, the muziekgrens been reduced from 85 db to 75 db. “Everyone had to adhere to the rules, this would not be necessary. However, if the owners do not want to listen to it, then we can’t be anywhere else,” said mayor Leopold Lippens.

“A bar should be a place where people can have a drink in peace. The beach is not a night club. In this way, we want peace to return to all of the residents,” said Lips. The beach may no longer have refreshments to sell on the beach. Only cold snacks are offered free of charge, when you order a drink, be accepted.