Because he had shown the courage of his convictions, was kicked by a 47-Year-old in Hanover city centre, a roll down the stairs. The police announced on Thursday, was brought to the man seriously injured to the hospital. The incident occurred on the eve of the Kröpcke,the Central square in the city center of Hannover, as several young men on a 37-Year-old would beat. According to the “Hannoversche Allgemeine” (HAZ) were among the young Greeks. to hurried.

As the Passer-by for help, was also attacked. He fled in the direction of a subway entrance. On the escalator one of the attackers caught up with him and kicked him with full force in the back, so that the man crashed down the stairs, and the shoulder broke.

Although the offender as well as his companion fled immediately, three of them taken at the age of 15, 16 and 18 years short of it. According to the HAZ, a witness had given to the authorities “is a good description of the Offender”. The police initiated two criminal proceedings on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury. Alcohol or drugs had not been consumed, therefore. The police took samples of the HAZ, there is no blood.

Who had just kicked the man, is unclear. The officials evaluate the images of surveillance cameras. The Minors were handed over to their parents, of Full age, dismissed. The 37-Year-old, the attacker bashing had suffered minor injuries.