In Belgium, the average net financial assets per capita last year, with a eur 4.31 percent. It turns out that that can read the latest Global Wealth Report by insurer Allianz.

The Belgian is held in the end of 2018, on average, have a net financial wealth of the 89.543 of the euro. It’s going to be a total of, for example, bank deposits, securities, and pension reserves, minus private outstanding debts (such as mortgages and other consumer loans). Belgium is in eighth place of the richest countries in the world and the fourth largest in Europe, according to a report by Allianz. In the United States of america, Switzerland, and Taiwan; conducting the international list.

now, Our country’s scores are still worse than last year, when Belgium was still in the fifth-place inpalmde, with an average of 93.580 of the euro. It’s going to be a reduction of eur 4.31 per cent. Worldwide, increased it’s net financial assets last year, down slightly by 1.9% to 129,8 billion euros, mainly due to the uncertainty in the financial markets.

the Belgians have had their assets in a portfolio is to reduce – in particular, the effects are (-6,2 per cent), with the exception of long-term bank deposits. The power that we have as a store of value in our savings accounts savings accounts increased last year by 5.7 per cent. Only the Germans (+6 per cent) are afraid of the risk even more. In Europe, the assets held in deposits with an average rate of 4 per cent.

finally, we Look at the median value of net financial assets per capita, then the us, the country that made the difference. While countries such as the United States, where the median is less than 15 per cent of the average net financial assets, and Finland (around 30%) – the slide in the ranking, Belgium rises to fourth place. The median value of the set in our country is around 60,000 euros, or about 65 per cent of the average net financial assets in per capita terms. One of the reasons for this are, according to Allianz Belgium is one of the countries where the redistribution of wealth is the most balanced, it happens.