Russian President Vladimir Putin held until the fall of the wall, a badge of state security of the GDR. The document I have for many years lain unnoticed in the archives, said the Dresdner outer head of the Stasi documentation authority, Konrad Felber, on Tuesday. The card was at 31. December 1985, issued and until the end of 1989 again and again been extended. Putin at that time was as an officer of the Soviet secret service KGB in Dresden.

With the document have to Putin without extensive control in the service of the Stasi – and can go out, said Felber. “But that does not mean automatically that Putin worked for the Stasi.” Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported on the identity card.

“in Soviet times, the KGB and the Stasi friendly services. Therefore, it is not excluded that there were also reciprocal statements,“ said Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday, the Agency Tass according to.

Putin was an eye-witness, as during the peaceful Revolution on 5. In December 1989, approximately 5,000 protesters occupied the hermetically shielded Dresden district administration of the state security. As the protesters of the service approached, it was almost to violent clashes with the Soviet military.