In Bolivia: Argentina freed 32 years after kidnapping


    32 years ago, kidnapped a woman from Argentina has been discovered in the neighboring country of Bolivia, and liberated. The 45-Year-old as a 13-Year-old victim of human trafficking, said the Argentine police on Tuesday. The Bolivian police freed the woman, together with her nine-year-old son.

    the woman was Found after a note, and after a joint investigation between the authorities in Argentina and Bolivia. In the past few months, a special unit of the Bolivian police have gathered at the request of the Argentine authorities, evidence that the woman was in the South-African border town of Bermejo, it said.

    Together with her son, the woman, originally from the Argentine city of Mar del Plata, some 400 kilometers South of Buenos Aires, was brought back to her family. For more Details about the kidnapping case, were not initially known.