In a wheelchair, complains in a letter to the ways in which the RAILWAY him to hear: I am a traveller in the third class,


Kurt Vanhauwaert is confined to a wheelchair, and complains in an open letter on Facebook to the way in which the RAILWAY him to deal with. “It gives me the feeling that I am a traveller of third class and am a person who still plenty of time, and for those who don’t care if he’s too late, or not at all to its destination.” The letter is not shared on social media.

“If the RAILWAY is, as a rolwagengebruiker not have a right to reliable public transportation, then you may just be in my face and say,” so it begins, Kurt Vanhauwaert the letter. He has, among other things, on the few accessible units. “If the trains are going, take the RAILWAY up to the old units to refurbish them so that they have a number of years to be able to. (…) However, even with the brand new M7 cars, which make us over the next forty years, they will be transported, to promise little of good things. Also, they have no gelijkgrondse instapmogelijkheid. This is to say that it’s not like I’d ever be completely independent of the train ride up. (…) Make changes to the infrastructure and the equipment takes time and money, and that’s what I understand. But it’s not going to move forward, while access to public transport really is not a utopia that would be.”

At a staffed railway stations in Belgium, there is usually staff available to take me in and out of the train to help. For the other stations of the ‘mobile teams’, and came up with: the car is in the province, driving to the field to assist you. That is, people have limited time and options, why is it that I get in my journey, with a one-or two-hour delay, simply because there are no mobile teams are available.

He cites further examples of which, according to him, in a one-week story: “Why do I have to check your email, and I’ll get to hear the elevator very often doesn’t work in hot weather? Why do I have this drive, and I may, after a two-hour wait on a platform in the unsuccessful return to where I came from? (…) Why can’t I see them more as an object that is on or off, the train should be, rather than that of an ordinary traveller in time on his job and can’t always tell when a meeting is done it’s going to be?”

In his letter, he addresses himself in particular to the NMBS / sncb CEO Sophie Dutordoir. “I want to be a fat pat at the nationals. In my opinion, it’s not about them, it is in the field of management. The mentality of the company is to be determined by the management. If you do not see this as a full-size passenger, or not to act, then it will be very difficult for your staff to do this, however, is to continue to do so.”

in The letter, since Monday evening, online, and in the meantime, though, more than a hundred times to be shared.
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