In 38 meters of depth Missing man dead from the Walensee for a beach on whit Monday there was no trace recovered from the 27-Year-old. Now, police divers have found the body of the float at the bottom of the lake.0 comment police divers have recovered on Tuesday the body of a 27-year-old swimmer about 300 metres from the shores of lake Walen away.Photo: cantonal police of St. Gallen

police divers have recovered on Tuesday afternoon the body of a 27-year-old man from the lake Walen. The man was dipped on Monday while Swimming in front of Walenstadt, after he had called for help.

The dangers of Syrian origin man was on Monday afternoon together with two colleagues, with a rubber boat on the lake. While bathing he dived and was seen no more. Shortly after 15.30, the police was alerted. There is a large search operation that was cancelled on Monday evening for the time being, unsuccessfully, followed.

The sea-rescue service, several police patrols, police divers and the Rega were in use, such as the St. Gallen Canton police said. Early Tuesday morning the search was continued. The use of a boat with a sonar unit of the cantonal police of Zurich.

This was located in front of 15 PM, a human body, located just 300 meters from the lake shore, in 38 meters deep in the water. Police divers found the dead body at the bottom of the lake. “According to initial findings, it is likely to be the missing man,” police wrote. The precise identification is still pending. The investigation into the cause of death are still in progress.

(SDA /aru)

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