(Las Vegas) The Japanese manufacturer Honda announced on Tuesday the marketing in 2026 of a new range of electric vehicles inspired by one of the two futuristic concept cars also presented at the Las Vegas electronics show.

“We went back to basics and developed the Honda 0 Series with a design for the new era,” said Shinji Aoyama, vice president of Honda, quoted in a press release.

“A bold and pure silhouette that, at first glance, is extraordinarily different from other electric vehicles to evoke a new perspective for people,” he continued.

This new range arises from a concept car called Saloon which presents a low platform and a wide exterior body combined with a “surprisingly spacious interior”, explains the group, specifying that the vehicle interface would assist the driver in numerous configurations of conduct.

The marketing of a vehicle derived from this concept car is due to begin in 2026 in the United States.

The group also presented a second concept car on Tuesday, called The Space Hub. It has a particularly spacious interior offering “excellent visibility based on the development principle of “finesse, lightness, wisdom””.

To “mark its determination to carry out the historic transformation” represented by the electric transition, the group has decided to change its signage by replacing the “H” dating from 1981 affixed to its vehicles with a new design.

This new flag will be featured on all new electric models in the future, including the Honda 0 Series range which is due for release in the United States in 2026.

This range will “introduce innovations in design, assisted driving, connected technologies, performance and battery efficiency”.