1968 was the beginning of modern Sports. Not only is jumped by Bob Beamon and Dick Fosbury, the Olympic Games of Mexico right in the future. Not only the Protest of black athletes against the racism in their home country America is as relevant today as the Tommie Smith and John Carlos on the victory podium, fifty years ago, such as the Arthur Ashe on the tennis courts of the world. Sports swung, not least because of the nightly live broadcasts from Mexico, of the program that is television and its viewers.

Michael Reinsch

a correspondent for sports in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

It has its heroes has made Stars and Celebrities. Mexico to catch up in the Belief economically and politically developed Nations in the world, took the Olympic Games and the football world Cup in 1970 and would have to serve the Brazilians as a warning, the einhandelten after the football world Cup in 2014 and the summer games in Rio two years later, a similar hangover.

names then become news. Schnellinger against Seeler, the the 2:0 AC Milan, with its cosmopolitan German defenders in the European Cup winners ‘ Cup on the Hamburger SV with his trusty striker, “uns Uwe”. George Best, the European Cup winner with Manchester United, was with his game and his antics so famous, as if he were the fifth Beatle, as some journalists described. The star of Pele was high in the sky, went to Johan Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer. The eternal Libero was a talented midfield player, was elected for the first Time footballer of the year, although his Bayern played a rather bad season, and against a master, better: mostly makers of Merkel, and his Nuremberg 3:7 and 0:2 lost. Merkel personalized the opposite position to the departure of the late sixties. He bragged that he let his players a day to feel the whip.

“we Breed monsters?”

The world of yesterday and the Sport of the day before yesterday were not overcome, in 1968, a long time ago. In the winter games of Grenoble in the same year as the summer games won medals the skier Jean-Claude Killy, three gold, and unlocked to Toni Sailer, the this was succeeded twelve years earlier in Cortina. Killy had to end his career, to the success of the market. Ashe won the tournament at Forrest Hills and the price of money, because the Amateur, left to the Vanquished.

With a gorgeously illustrated paperback or is it a cleverly formatted book? – the Arete publishing is reminiscent of the sports year, that seems to have gone up today, at the end, so many well-Known and a lot Known met us. Brigitte Berendonk, at the time, the Olympic athlete in the shot put, remember that you are warned after their return from Mexico, in a newspaper article prior to the virilization of girls and women: “we Breed monsters?” 1968 was the year in which the journal Science published a study on motor development of students by anabolic steroids. You acted as a prompt for the Idea, and as a confirmation of what is taken long possession had from the Sport.

The Cologne-based professional boxer Jupp Elze collapsed after his championship fight against Carlos Duran and died after eight days in a coma. In his blood stimulants were detected in the medium, which led to the first call for a national ban of Doping in the German Bundestag. On the other side of the wall was made in that year, the shot-putter Margitta Gummel with Oral-Turinabol for the first of an army systematically gedopter athletes; they increased by leaps and bounds in their performance, and Olympic champion was according to Plan. The 203 gold medals, the East German athletes at the Olympic Games won the 191 since Margitta Gummel hundreds of Victims of doping.