Because he hurt Lover, the husband of his Ex-with a self-built bomb, has been sentenced to a 57-Year-old from Wiesbaden regional court to seven and a half years in prison. The court spoke on Wednesday of attempted murder. In the justification it was said that the man had acted out of revenge and jealousy. He was also condemned because of dangerous bodily injury, and the establishment of a explosive blast.

The defendant had placed in April 2018 in Wiesbaden, Germany, an explosive body in the Form of a flashlight in the car of the victim. As the then 46-Year-old the package was going to take of the hood, it exploded. The man suffered a blast injury. He was wounded in the Hand and face. The self-made bomb filled with black powder and steel balls. A bullet through the driver’s side of the windscreen, another hit, according to the investigation, about 60 meters distant window.

The Prosecutor had pleaded to seven years and ten months in prison. The defense urged against acquittal.