Letters from Social Security, mutual insurance statements, doctors’ prescriptions… The medical documents that we have can quickly become intrusive. To sort it out, we tell you below what to keep.

In our slideshow, we indicate the minimum periods for which you must keep your health documents. It is a kind of legal deadline, for which you can exercise a right, for example requesting a refund or modifying a bank transaction. It can also be time limits during which you can be asked for something, such as paying a fine. It can also be the fulfillment of an obligation.

These documents can be kept longer, in particular to provide proof of justice, which often takes many months. Because the deadlines indicated below do not take into account all cases. The deadlines may be extended if the prescription is suspended or interrupted.

For example, for a minor, the deadline will take effect when they come of age. Some documents must be kept for life, while others only for a few months. We help you to sort and see more clearly in your medical documents.