Swiss watches go the other way, sometimes, it seems, a little slower. Only this fall but into next year, the national Museum in Zurich deals with the era of global protest; you had to have an exhibition in Bern, the first. Also, for the of the two world wars spared Switzerland, in 1968, was a departure. Brutal it was at the time out of your “sleep of the just”, as it is formulated in a thoroughly bourgeois Ministers, ripped; the “Globus riots” in Zurich, reached the international level of violence and Repression.

Jürg Altwegg

culture correspondent, based in Geneva.

F. A. Z.

The neutral country was in the grip of the Cold war, critics regarded as a traitor, in the case of repetition as a traitor to this country, which you recommended the trip “to Moscow”. Napalm bombs, as they were in Vietnam, were also built in Switzerland – a nondescript specimen has found its way into the exhibition by Juri Steiner and Stefan Zweifel. The existence of this weapon for an army, which at that time had the Status of a “sacred cow of Confederation” and to come only in their own country whose defense should be, must be a military secret.

The arms dealer Bührle, had made with Nazi Germany shops and unique pictures will come collection in the future, in a growing advanced Kunsthaus, was involved in the civil war in Biafra. His cannon is the Emblem for the Swiss variant of the relationship between the war and the youth rebellion, which was in the European countries, a revolt against the repressed past.

The tour starts with the Climb of a high, wide flight of stairs. For a military aircraft type “Mirage”, which had caused a scandal, was missing the place. He filed for two eight-metre long Bloodhound missiles, which welcome the visitors during the ascent from the top. You pass a small TV, on whose screen the haircut-scene from Stanley Kubrick’s Film “Full Metal Jacket” flickers: The older late sixties feel, like some of the responses and discussion of the participants of the events witness in this retrospective.

From the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, doubts and Steiner have to get the original manuscript of Guy Debords writing “the society of The spectacle” (1967); it joins in the call for a Revolution. Already in its title, the curators, Born in 1967, and in 1968, to Debords influence on your appearance of the epoch: “Imagine 68 to confess. The spectacle of the Revolution“.

As the world of 1968 was ticking

The historian Jakob Tanner, late sixties, quoted by Debord in an anthemic Review of the exhibition in the Online newspaper “Republic”: “the whole life of the societies in which modern conditions of production reign appears as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation. The spectacle is not a Whole of images, but a images mediated social relationship between people.“ Steiner and doubt reconstruct “1968” as a Puzzle.

The legendary Zurich lawyer Franz Shoe maker found files the Globus processes. Gertsch’s image “in Vietnam, 1970”. There are exhibited documents of the “Zurich Manifesto”, the most important Intellectuals of the time, including Max heard Fresh. On a wall newspaper with the claim: “Donald for President” – the drawn duck. The “paving stone” is paying homage to. The rock gang of the “Hells Angels” was on the left, you can see it on their machines in front of the porn theater. Ingrid Steeger is also there. The Landing On The Moon. In a small bag of ashes of Timothy Leary, the theorists of the expansion of consciousness through drugs. With an idle machine by Jean Tinguely beer bottles are brought to the Explosion.