Article: Kofi Gabs Claims Superiority Over Osei Kwame Despite Due to Dutch Passport

Social media influencer, Kofi Gabs, known as Mr Happiness, sparked controversy with his recent statement comparing his Dutch passport to a PhD. Gabs boldly declared that his Dutch passport holds more value than a PhD as it enabled him to secure a visa to the United States within just 24 hours. This declaration led to backlash from Ghanaians on social media, criticizing his unpatriotic remarks.

In a further controversial statement, Kofi Gabs expressed his preference for Dutch citizenship over his Ghanaian nationality, citing the perceived benefits of the former. He claimed that his Dutch passport elevates his status even above that of renowned Ghanaian entrepreneur Osei Kwame Despite. Gabs asserted that his passport would grant him VIP treatment over Dr. Despite, even in scenarios where they both travel.

Despite facing criticism for his provocative statements, Kofi Gabs continues to incite reactions from the Ghanaian public with his unabashed remarks. His bold claims and confrontational attitude have propelled him to the center of attention on social media platforms, where he remains unapologetic for his divisive views.

As the debate surrounding Kofi Gabs and his Dutch passport rages on, his controversial statements serve as a reminder of the power of social media in amplifying individual voices and shaping public discourse. The clash of opinions sparked by his remarks underscores the complex intersections of nationality, identity, and privilege in our interconnected world.