“I’m a male, almost 25, and I have virtually no experience with women. I would love to be in a relationship, but the catch to me is that I want to have sex than the actual relationship.” A sex therapist, Alexander Witpas advice.

I’m a male, almost 25, and I have virtually no experience with women. I would love to be in a relationship, but the catch to me is that I want to have sex than the actual relationship. I have found myself in this very seksverslaafd, because I feel like I enjoy sex and want no relationship with you. Am I really such an exception? And how do I get a girlfriend in one’s life, without first-hand experience? I do feel a certain degree of pressure, as if there was a magic number, it is then very difficult to have a “normal” relationship.

In comparison with your peers of the same age you are, indeed, quite late on. But it seems to me that in itself is not a reason to give up hope. Are you an exception? Purely statistically speaking, tend to. If you have to rely on reports in the media, it seems as if just about everyone on the age of fifteen, already in the case record, but this is not true. We know from research that among the 18 – to 29-year-olds, half have not had their seventeenth birthday. On their 18th birthday, would have been about 75 per cent of his or her very first time to look back on. At your age, it is about 2 to 3 per cent is still a virgin. There is, to my knowledge, not a magic number. I know of stories of people who after the age of thirty have already started to have sex and is very happy with it.

How is it possible that some of the people in their age of 25 still do not have experience with sex? Research has shown that there are broadly three groups as well. First of all, there are those of you who were not at all interested in sex or a relationship. They do not have to participate in it, and feel no great loss. A second group of people would be having sex and in a relationship with, but living in a culture where that is but if you are married. And, for one reason or another, that does not work. A final group of when the answer may be that they simply never fell in love with it, or that the true have never been found.

now, I ask you not read it or you are in any of these groups, and, if so, which ones. Maybe you have other reasons that explains why you’re not having sex, or dating. You have your own story, to thoroughly explore, it seems to me, however, for you to conclude that you are a hopeless case you are. Maybe you don’t, you peers of the same age, and you have only a lot of bad luck. But there’s also more to it than that. For example: it is convenient for you as possible to find potential partners on the web have to be running? Do you spend enough time in places where you would be able to do? For example, if you have the whole time to the work/ sleep/play games/surf/blow you and never leave your house, so that your chances of getting to the bottom. And what about your social skills and your social courage? Do you know how to get the contacts to be able to make and maintain relationships with people? How do you compliments that you can give it, and to listen to the other person? Are you ready to take yourself to expose you to indicate if there is something you feel for someone? If you are willing to take the risk of rejection is to face? There are certain emotional difficulties which are holding you back, the traumas of the past, or the things that you’re ashamed of? What efforts have you done in the past, what went wrong and what went right?

for example, If you answer any of those questions, notice that you have a number of negative scores, then there will be no man overboard. All of these points, you can work on your own or with the help of a trusted third party.

And in order to that you are currently longing for the feeling of ‘having sex’ to ‘person of interest’, I wouldn’t be too much over thinking. If you really are as good as new, it is the same, but the imaginary gespin in the top of your head. How much importance you attach to sex within a relationship, to me, is to know when you’re having sex and a relationship. And not every relationship is different, and they change over the course of time, even if it is about sex. If you lack experience and you are unhappy, then I would be the first to find out what’s happening in the moment is not ready for that experience, and you have the energy to put in. For the rest, you can be sure to make.

as a sex therapist, Alexander Witpas is the answer to your seksvraag. If you have a question naarseks@nieuwsblad.be