In the English Premier League, is it this Thursday (21.00 at DAZN) to the Kracher between title holders Manchester City and the undefeated League leaders Liverpool FC. In the case of Manchester City’s German midfielder Ilkay Gundogan is looking forward to the reunion with Jürgen Klopp. Under the Liverpool Coach, he won with Borussia Dortmund in the 2011/12 season, the Double. After two defeats in the last three Games, and Gundogan and co. need to beat the Reds, in order to preserve the Chance to defend the title. In the dpa Interview, the 28-Year-old talks about pressure and anticipation.

How much Manchester City is the top-of-the match against Liverpool in a tight spot?

Yes, of course the pressure is there. We have now let in two of the last three games, unfortunately, six points lie unnecessarily. And that has put us in a significantly worse Position, otherwise it would just be a point of difference to Liverpool, then we would have it now in our own hands to win the game and to be table leader. Now we are seven points behind Liverpool, and almost a bit lagging behind. But we have the Chance to shorten now on four points, and then I believe that the season is still long enough to make up for that in the rest of the Play. The quality, in order to win the game, is undisputed.

so much about this game, many speak of a preliminary decision. This is from your view, premature?

If we lose the game, then that would be a big disappointment. If we lose, then everything is possible. This is my opinion. I think everyone has his own view.

they Had in the days before the game to contact your old coach Jürgen Klopp?

In the last time, we had no contact. But if I meet him then at the latest during the game, we’ll talk maybe very shortly before the kickoff, but after the game a bit longer, then there’s a hug, and then everyone goes back to his own way. In such Games, one is always glad to see old companions again. And with Kloppo that is not already the case, since I’m looking forward to it.

If it should not work with the title defense for Manchester City, then as a footballer, actually, someone else try for the championship?

(laughs think) I, can be easier to treat, if you know from the beginning that you don’t have a Chance to win the title. But if you know that you are in the position to win the title, the required quality for the season accordingly and it is always one of the best, then it is extremely difficult to give someone else the title. If I was Klopp, the give? It’s hard to say. It’s been a few years since a Team in the Premier League was able to defend the title. It’s been almost ten years now. [Manchester United, 2008/09]. Therefore, it would be nice of course, if we were to create, therefore it is treat difficult. This is not resentment, because resentment is not pretty. But if we can win the title, we want that also. If we have to then say at the end of the season, to be honest, another Team was better in the Premier League, then we accept that. Until then, however, it is still a long way to go.

In the Champions League it goes for you in the second round against FC Schalke. This is a Dreamless sleep for you?

Yes, this is a very nice lot, because you come back home and has the possibility to play again against a German team. Especially when you’re abroad, you don’t get often the opportunity to fly home, that’s why it is all the more beautiful. I am very happy to play again in Gelsenkirchen. And it will be a nice feeling, there aground.