Nearly 160,000 parts of dishware from Ikea are being remembered because of a potential burn risk, as stated by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warning note.

The organization’s Heroisk and Talrika bowls, plates, and mugs”could be brittle and break, causing hot liquid or food to flow out, posing a burn hazard,” CPSC stated.

The Swedish furniture retailer is mindful of all 123 reports of breaking up around the Earth, according to CPSC. At least four accounts involved harms,”two of which required medical care,” CPSC stated.

“Most of these injuries were burns due to warm contents leaking ,” the bureau stated.

There was one episode reported from the USA that did not lead to an accident, the bureau said.

The dishware is created of PLA (polylactic acid or polylactide) substance from sources that are renewable. But,”following reports of breakage, we could realize that the substance isn’t acceptable for ordinary foods with hot meals,” an Ikea U.S. spokesperson told FOX enterprise.

The spokesperson added that the”goods can break after a while of usage and possibly cause minor alterations, which explains the reason we’ve taken this precautionary step and remembered the goods.”

The dishware was offered in many different colors in Ikea stores nationwide as well as on line from August 2019 through May 2021.

The CPSC and Ikea are equally recommending clients to return the goods to some Ikea shop for a complete refund.