On January 3, 2022, Igor Bogdanoff tragically disappeared three days after his twin Grichka at the age of 72. The scientist and animator left his loved ones in mourning, including his four children: Dimitri, Wenceslas, Anna-Claria and Sasha. The latter was the guest of Cyril Hanouna on March 27, 2023 in his program Touche pas à mon poste.

The 23-year-old singer then confided in the relationship she had with her famous father. “I was raised by a father who lived in the stars, clearly,” she said and added that he was “in another world, but at the same time, very very in his present moment” so well that she didn’t always understand her father. With her brothers and her sister, Sasha Bogdanoff lives from her job, which she regularly reveals on her social networks.

During this new issue, Cyril Hanouna spoke about the legacy of the Bogdanoff twins. “The inheritance is shared with the 6 children of Igor. For Grichka, having had no children, the succession will be with his 5 brothers”, he declared. In the rest of her interview, the sublime artist then agreed to confide in the legacy of her father Igor. “We certainly don’t live off this estate, but that wasn’t the idea either. We have a legacy that is much more powerful than that,” she said. Especially since according to her confidences, her father never entered “in a luxury store. It was not his thing”, she had affirmed and to continue: “They were both of a great generosity”.

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