With temperatures soaring above 30 degrees, the next day is called in our country. To be in the mood to work? That only tells a humid globethermometer’ to you.

As for the question, however, is more commonly provided these days, it took the independent storekeeper organisation NSZ, there are the texts a bit.

The law states that the temperature should be measured with an ordinary thermometer, but with a wet globethermometer’. It takes into account the humidity and the radiant temperature of the objects that are in the vicinity of the work area. The measured values are less than 5 ° c lower than that of a standaardthermometer. The drier the air is, the warmer it needs to be in order to get the maximum values are exceeded.

The limit for this globethermometer varies between 18 ° c and for very heavy duty up to 29 degrees celsius for light work.

If the light work is set to the threshold value, therefore, at 29 degrees celsius, in the wet globethermometer (which is about a 31 ā 32 degrees Celsius usually). For portrait work, is it going to be 26 degrees celsius (28 to 29 degrees Celsius) and heavy work (standing, lifting, and moving) is going to be 18 degrees celsius (20 degrees Celsius).

the Employers to take measures to: a) more water to hand out, the more periods to offer… In the construction industry, there is a collective bargaining agreement that allows it to be at about 6 o’clock in the morning and to be at 14: 30 has to stop. Also, the different waste collection services to drive earlier in the week.

And a pair of shorts? “The events around the clothing, depending on the company. Most of the employers are quite flexible in hot or cold weather, as long as the employee’s demeanor, especially in the case of those who have direct contact with clients is maintained. Thus, 72% of the entrepreneurs, there is no problem with that and that male colleagues, and a pair of shorts to wear. As long as it’s not running shorts, or shorts, it is”, says the NSZ.

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