Therapeutic Role Play: Idris Elba on Playing Villainous Characters

Idris Elba recently shared his thoughts on portraying villainous characters, describing it as a form of therapy. According to the actor, embodying “completely socially unacceptable” roles allows him to explore the darkest aspects of human nature that are often kept hidden.

Elba expressed that playing “bad guy” characters enables him to verbalize thoughts and emotions that are considered taboo in society. He believes that delving into these roles can be both a gift and a form of catharsis for an actor.

Throughout his career, Elba has taken on a variety of villainous roles, including characters in films such as Beasts of No Nation, Hobbs & Shaw, and The Harder They Fall. He acknowledges that the success of these characters is largely attributed to the quality of writing, emphasizing the importance of well-developed and complex villains.

In addition to discussing his approach to portraying villains, Elba also reflected on his criteria for selecting roles. He emphasized the importance of connecting with the character and the script, rather than following a specific formula. For Elba, the key factors in choosing a role include the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the character, and the opportunity to fully immerse himself in the role.

Overall, Elba’s perspective on playing villainous characters provides insight into the intricate process of character development and the psychological impact of inhabiting morally ambiguous roles in the entertainment industry.

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