The Vice-President of the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf), Markus Richter, draws a positive balance of voice recognition and mobile phone analysis in the asylum procedure. “We are with these digital techniques, the identity and country of origin determination very satisfied,” said judge of the Funke media group. In the great majority of cases, the results of the assistance systems would be the details of the Asylum applicant to cover.

“For persons in the asylum procedure false information to the new IT Tools, but also have a deterrent effect,” said the judge. The Federal office evaluates since September 2017, the mobile phones of asylum seekers. In addition, the authority uses to determine the country of origin is a Software for accent detection, the identified on the basis of a speech sample spoken dialect.

According to the judge’s words, 60 percent of the asylum to come-seekers without a passport in Germany. Since the introduction of the IT-assistance systems for the determination of identity and origin, therefore, in approximately 19,000 cases, the dialects of Arabic-speaking application were evaluated applicants by means of digital technology. In addition, data from approximately 27,000 mobile phones of refugees were read out.

The Bamf no safety authority, de facto was formally but, said Deputy authorities to the President. In the hearings with applicants during the asylum procedure, employees are provided not only in questions of identity, origin and escape reasons, but were also aspects of security. Safety-relevant abnormalities in the asylum procedure continue to give the Bamf to the competent authorities, such as the protection of the Constitution, said the judge. According to information from the spark-Newspapers, the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution even has a private office in the Nuremberg Bamf-Central.