Identity card and passport: 5 questions about the new site to make an appointment


Facilitate your procedures and reduce your waiting time. In recent months, French people who wanted to renew their identity papers, both their CNI and their passport, have encountered many difficulties in making appointments. After several months of pandemic and travel ban, many have chosen the year 2022 to reconnect with tourism abroad, which is impossible with expired identity papers.

Taken by storm, the town halls announced deadlines of three months for a renewal and some French people did not hesitate to travel for miles to obtain the Grail. In order to solve this problem, the National Agency for Secured Titles (ANTS) has set up a brand new site to help you find an appointment. You can find out how it works at the bottom of our article.

If this new site is made to make your life easier, you should always anticipate your requests. As the Ministry of the Interior explains on its website, “as the periods of departure on vacation or exams approach, requests for national identity cards or passports increase” and they must therefore be avoided. Anticipating will allow you to “accelerate delivery times by avoiding service congestion”. It is necessary to plan ahead in the following cases:

The change of address does not require you to renew your papers urgently, specifies the Ministry of the Interior: “The renewal of your identity card or passport is possible but is not compulsory when you change address or username. You can defer or avoid the renewal of your documents if you find yourself in one of these situations but the validity date of your title has not passed”.

The new site that has just been set up facilitates all of these procedures, but you still need to know how it works. Planet explains everything to you.