financial markets reacted positively to the inauguration of the new Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro. The benchmark index, the Ibovespa rose on Wednesday to 3.5 percent and closed at a new record for 91.012 points. Also, the Brazilian Real rose on the first working day of the new heads of state strongly and appreciated against the us Dollar by 2.08 percent.

While environmentalists and human rights activists, the office of the right-wing with worry watching, hope investors on a liberal economic policy of the Ex-servicemen. Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said on Wednesday, privatization and simplification of the tax system were the pillars of his program. The International monetary Fund expects that in the current year, with economic growth of 2.4 percent in Brazil.

Whether it Bolsonaro really manages to boost the recently sluggish economy in the largest country in Latin America depends, however, on whether he can organize in the Congress, in fact, more fixes for in-depth reforms such as the pension system, wrote the analysts of the rating Agency Fitch.