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Iberdrola will promote in Castile and León in the next few years to more than 1,800 MW of renewable projects -wind and photovoltaic-, to the that will see investment of over 1,300 million euros. This volume of resources to drive forward the industrial fabric and will generate employment for 18,000 people, according to the estimates set forth in the National Energy Plan, and Climate.

In Velilla, the company will build the largest photovoltaic in the region, with a total of 400 MW of installed power, which will be also one of the largest in Spain. Iberdrola will close in this town, one of the few coal plants that still remained in the world. It has approximately 500 MW of power and give work to 40 people.

This action will represent an investment of 300 million euros and will create, on the basis of the calculations used in the scheme, more than 4,000 jobs, according to the group that presides over Ignacio Galán.

The transformation plan of the company in the area includes, in addition, investments in smart grids and sustainable mobility, the installation of a plant of valorization of waste , training programs, and the creation of a platform of citizen innovation to encourage the entrepreneurship in the region. The work of dismantling the heat in the next four and a half years will allow to provide continuity to the collaboration with local suppliers, whose involvement in these associated tasks represent a volume higher than the one they currently maintain.

the region, Iberdrola maintains in construction and processing more than 650 MW in renewable wind projects and photovoltaic. The company has just started the execution of the complex wind farm

Herrera, with the wind turbines of greater power in the national market in the present day, and the park Fuenteblanca; and dealing with wind farm projects of Buniel and Valdemoro -that make its 164 MW of power is one of the largest of the company and of the country-, as well as three pv of more than 400 MW, including a solar plant in Ciudad Rodrigo.

In Castile and León, Iberdrola leads from more than 15 years ago the promotion of renewables, which already operates over 5,100 MW of wind power and hydraulic, which makes it the region with the most power is ‘green,’ that is installed by the company.

Iberdrola performed annual purchase value of € 150 million to more than 700 companies castellanoleonesas , allowing for the generation of 265 jobs per year. This collaboration has allowed progress to be made in the configuration of a new industrial fabric, which is involved in the construction of renewable projects, the deployment and maintenance of electrical networks and consulting work environment.

Iberdrola is a leader in renewable energy in Spain , with an installed wind power capacity of over 6,000 MW and more than 16.500 MW renewable; a volume that is in the world rises to more than 32,000 MW, which is converted to its generation park in one of the most clean energy sector