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Actually, a young woman just wants to train in the gym. But a new influencer shared it multiple times on his Instagram page.

“Unfortunately, an influencer signed up for my gym,” writes a woman on the social media platform Reddit, which is used by millions of people. The woman in her mid-twenties felt disturbed by an influencer who regularly took video recordings while training together and published them on Instagram. She reports that she unintentionally became the focus of the camera and was not removed from the recordings despite her complaint.

The Reddit user admitted to accidentally walking through several footage. She then told him “that I don’t want myself to be in the video they’re posting.” But there was apparently not “much understanding” about this. On the contrary: she was even advised to pay more attention to where she went.

“Well, this time they were there again and I accidentally walked through the picture again and was actually filmed again,” the young woman continued in her text. She is not used to having to take care not to be filmed and is also not as “receptive” after training with the heavy dumbbell.

Now the photo, where she is recognizable and visible in her sports clothes, can be seen on the Instagram channel of the influencer, who is followed by thousands of people. “I […] don’t actually want to be seen in my sports clothes by countless strangers on the Internet,” said the young woman. But the gym ignored her request that she contact the influencer.

Just a few days ago, a woman had a similar experience in the gym. She was   even filmed in the dressing room and contacted the police. In Germany it is not legal to secretly take photos or video recordings in the changing room. They are among the “protected spaces”, according to “Fotorecht Aktuell”. This includes, among other things, toilets and your own apartment. It shouldn’t matter whether the recordings are published.

Opinions differ when it comes to recordings in the studio. The gym is a public space, which makes video recordings legal, but publishing material with recognizable people on it hardly goes hand in hand with the right to one’s own image, as “fitness-management” and others write.

Since there was no consent for publication, legal action is recommended in the young woman’s case, as the comments on the platform write.

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