The Gallo family is back and you will love seeing them again. This Monday April 3 starts season 3 of I promise you on TF1, with a salvo of eight new episodes. The opportunity for fiction fans to find their favorite characters played by Camille Lou, Hugo Becker, Marilou Berry, Guillaume Labbé and Narcisse Mame.

Filming for several months from July 2022, season 3 of the soap opera inspired by the original series (This Is Us) has many surprises in store for the protagonists. They are also facing many changes in their respective lives. “As they celebrate their fortieth birthday, the triplets come to a decisive turning point in their lives”, could we read in the first lines of the synopsis.

“Maud wants to start a family but her desire for a child could have serious consequences on her health and that of Tanguy, at the very moment when her singing career is finally about to take off”, we learn from the character played by the daughter of Josiane Balasko.

As for the character played by the brother of actress Constance Labbé, “Michaël gets closer to Estelle, Agnès’ cousin whom he met at Maud’s wedding, but he does not manage to unravel her mystery and quickly gets carried away by his budding feelings”. Finally, concerning Mathis, “he embarks on a new professional adventure thanks to his meeting with Émile, a young navigator, who is not without causing a stir within his couple”.

This was without counting the discoveries that the three brothers and sister will make about their adoptive father Paul, who died 23 years earlier, who would have hidden heavy secrets from his wife Florence. How will they survive these revelations? What will happen next to the Gallo family?

The least we can say is that this drama series has allowed actors to forge strong ties, as Marilou Berry admits to Télé 7 Jours. “I love seeing my fictional brothers, Michaël and Mathis, played by Guillaume Labbé and Narcisse Mame. We found each other well, as much in the way of playing as for the pleasure of being together”. Before the broadcast of season 3 on TF1, the actors do not hesitate to reveal behind the scenes of the filming on social networks. Take a look at the images in our slideshow.