Testing out the Meta AI on Ray-Ban smart glasses in the UK

(Image credit: Meta)

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Meta AI beta on the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, which are officially only available in the US and Canada. However, I discovered that the feature had accidentally rolled out to my Meta View app in the UK. Excited to test it out, I took the glasses for a spin around London Paddington, near our office.

Using the built-in camera and an internet connection, I interacted with the Meta AI by asking it questions and providing context with images. While the AI had its limitations, it proved to be quite useful in various scenarios. Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

– Identifying trees and summarizing signs: The AI struggled with identifying trees but excelled in summarizing complex information on a parking sign.
– Exploring London: I tested the AI’s knowledge of London landmarks and received interesting facts about Big Ben, although it couldn’t provide certain details.
– Navigating Paddington Station: The AI successfully identified the station and provided accurate departure times for trains, with a few minor errors.
– Seeking dinner recommendations: The AI couldn’t recommend a meal based on available ingredients, possibly due to the overwhelming options.
– Navigating the Tube map: The AI impressively guided me through the Tube map, displaying a human-like understanding of the area.

Overall, the Meta AI on Ray-Ban smart glasses shows promise in the wearable AI space. While there are still areas for improvement, such as audio performance and camera quality, the glasses offer a unique blend of AI capabilities, open-ear speakers, and stylish design. For early adopters interested in AI wearables, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses present a compelling option.

As we navigate the future of AI wearables, it’s clear that devices like the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have the potential to redefine how we interact with technology on the go. Despite some shortcomings, these glasses stand out as a promising example of what AI wearables can offer.

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