A British woman struggles with her weight her whole life. Then she has a humiliating experience on the flight back from her holiday in Lanzarote. One year later, she weighs only half as much and reveals how she managed it.

A 42-year-old British woman felt so humiliated by a flight attendant on a return flight from Lanzarote that she turned her life completely upside down, reports the Mirror.

The flight attendant told Jennifer Louise on the May 2023 flight that weight was something that depended on one’s own choices. At the same time, the flight attendant insisted that the 42-year-old’s armrest had to be folded down during the flight.

Louise was hurt by the flight attendant’s comments and behavior. “It’s shameful and hurtful when someone speaks so disrespectfully about my body while ramming an armrest into me,” she told the Mirror. So she decided to lose weight.

“It was surprisingly easy. The weight just melted away,” says Louise. One year later, she weighs only half as much as she did a year ago: instead of 150 kilograms, Louise now weighs 75 kilograms. Her secret: she has left her high-calorie diet behind and now drinks meal replacement shakes instead.

Louise managed to lose weight. But it took her a long time to find the right diet. Read here what principles the most successful kilo killers follow.

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