A being is missing and everything is depopulated. On April 24, 2019, actor Jean-Pierre Marielle died at the age of 87 from Alzheimer’s disease. This legend of the cinema disappeared, leaving behind fans in mourning and especially a saddened family, like his wife Agathe Natanson.

Four years after the disappearance of her husband, the actress Agathe Natanson was a guest of Faustine Bollaert in It starts today on France 2. On the occasion of an issue dedicated to the widows of celebrities, broadcast this Wednesday February 1, the septuagenarian evoked her memories with Jean-Pierre Marielle. “He was an unpredictable man. He was a man full of fantasy and he was a man who could be very dark, ”she told the host.

A couple’s life that changed on a daily basis, according to the actress who played Louis de Funès’ daughter in Oscar in 1967. “We were never bored because in the morning, we got up, we didn’t know how the day was going. to evolve. And that was divine because I hate routine. And there was no routine. Because every day was new.”

But today, joy has given way to melancholy for the widow of Jean-Pierre Marielle, who “deeply misses” him. “But I miss the life we ​​had. Because life was always unplanned. We always met interesting people, very funny… very diverse.” And the famous actress to add sadly. “Everything is boring. It’s totally boring. That is to say, everything is charming in discovery. (…) But very quickly it is like a soufflé, it falls. Whereas with Jean-Pierre it never fell. Because I knew all his moods.”

Her appearance on Faustine Bollaert’s testimonial show was an opportunity for Agathe Natanson to testify to her loneliness. “Living without him is sad,” she confides with emotion before expressing her terrible lack with her words. “I’m an amputee… Can’t you see I’m missing a leg and an arm. Whatever happens I will be amputated for the rest of my life.”

A strong and moving testimony that touched the public and Internet users on social networks. Planet invites you to review the images in the extract below, relayed on Instagram.

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