Major competitions energize Europe, such as Eurovision or the European football championship. Countries compete to win these prestigious competitions. However, there are other rankings that exacerbate competitiveness between Europeans.

Recently, a completely different competition has put European countries to the test. This time it’s not about sports or songs, but showers. Recently, a report on the percentage of people showering daily caused a stir. This graph was compiled using figures from Wikipedia. His findings surprised many. Comments on social networks have rocketed, sometimes denouncing a questionable ranking methodology.

Washing two to three times a week would in fact be perfectly hygienic: “By confining ourselves to the so-called “cat” toilet every day and washing ourselves completely once every two days, we will be just as clean as if we go under the shower daily”, explains Dr. Guibal, practicing dermatologist at the Saint-Louis hospital in Paris. The professional nevertheless underlines two exceptions: “Overweight people must be vigilant, because maceration in the folds of the skin can lead to secondary infections. On the other hand, people with very dry skin are better off spacing out showers” , he adds to Le Figaro.

Indeed, if a shower every day cleans the billions of bacteria present on the skin and limits infections, it can also be harmful: “The shower or bath removes part of the hydrolipidic film of the skin. A thin protective film, a mixture of cells dead skin, sweat, water, keratin and sebum, which retains the skin’s hydration and protects against external aggressions caused by bacteria and friction”, explains dermatologist Marie-Estelle Roux.

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