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The emperor and philosopher, Marco Aurelio states in its “Meditations” that human beings must be driven by “activities devoted to the common good”, and that “it is proper to man the treatment of benevolent with their peers” as the people are there to “help each other”.

Since the beginning of this terrible pandemic of Covid-19 that we are suffering from, a multitude of public and private entities have been mobilized to contribute to the mitigation of its terrible effects. This is the case, among others, of the associations pursuing hunters s, in charge of the sustainable management of the fauna and, with frequency, of the flora. We cannot stop to enumerate here societies game involved in this task; but what is certain is that throughout the Spanish geography has produced in the world of hunting a awesome reaction , a true example of solidarity in the fight against the calamities produced by this virus.

Many are the examples that have been given and are still giving, among which we will cite only a few: financial contribution , work disinfection of streets , auctions of stalking to raise funds which are converted into donations, collaboration in the work of disinfection, purchase and donation of material and disinfectant, and sanitary protection, delivery of food, home care in cases of need, and a long etcetera.

With this social movement of the hunters is benefiting to local councils, non-governmental organizations like Caritas and the Red Cross, unemployed people, disadvantaged families and at risk of exclusion. This way, you will be covered for basic needs in nutrition, it works in the hygiene and health protection of humble families, is to help charities… And all of this -this needs to be said – without receiving any subsidies from the part of the public Administration.

The hunters exert selflessly the invaluable responsibility of making a sustainable management of the wild fauna ( Hunting Act 1/1970, Regulation of Hunting-Decree 506/1971 ), contribute freely to avoid pests by population control, saving the Management enormous amounts of money in these efforts and, at the same time, make a substantial contribution to the national economy.

if this outside little, and doing honor to the maximum of Marco Aurelio , through its work of solidarity in the current crisis, the hunters are giving a true lesson of humanity and social commitment.