Crime of the week – hunt for the formula that can change the world Nicholas Shakespeare’s “Boomerang” is a melancholic Thriller about a groundbreaking discovery, who want to tear dark forces under the nail.Hanspeter Eggenberger0 comment nuclear physicist Marvar find a super formula, then life is inconvenient. Photo: /istockphot or first set of

“Shula read the text message, and the air around them was thin.”

The book

The Iranian nuclear physicist Marvar succeed in a laboratory in Oxford, England the breakthrough in nuclear fusion. His discovery may change the world – for Good and for Bad. His initial euphoria quickly gives way to naked fear. Although he tried to cover the traces of his successful experiment, the user, are soon all on the heels of the Mullahs of Tehran, who hold his wife and child as hostages, intelligence officers from the United States and the business-makers from Russia. Who will he trust?

This is the Central theme of the Thriller “Boomerang”, however, the well-known English author Nicholas Shakespeare tells actually the story of Ex-British journalist John Dyer. Back from Brazil, so that his son can attend the same school in Oxford, of which he had once learned. After years in South America, Dyer recognizes the place hardly. Now people have something to say to send their children to this school. People who live a “life with a complete lack of Beliefs and only with the ideology to make money”.

Dyer is invited by them sometimes, but hot he is not with you. “He had not introduced into their world; they had nothing to do with what was important to him. He was not wealthy, he was older; he’s had experience with the topics and countries to which they were not curious, who promised them no Profit.”

Dyers son Leandro creates some Brazilian magic on the school’s football field in the cold of England. There, the Ex-learns-a Journalist, to know the father of one of the other football talents: Marvar. Even though you don’t know, they seem to understand without a lot of words. Finally, behind the Iranian nuclear physicist makes the secret Dyer, before he dives under the water. Now the author of a book about a tribe from the jungles of looks at Amazon will be forced to decide what to do with the serious consequences of discovery. Hardly Marvar gone are the dark figures Dyer on the heels.

“Boomerang” is a cleverly constructed and brilliantly told Thriller that focuses on soft sounds over long distances, melancholic and just so unsophisticated it will be interesting. It is the story of a man who is always put back in front of the existential decisions and their slow tired is. Women “are moved by the hint of sadness in him, confuse you easily with something Smooth, Round, Solid, in Suspended – without realizing that it’s his jumping-off Board into the Void”.

The rating originality: ★★★★☆voltage: ★★★☆☆realism: ★★★★☆Humor: ★★★☆☆overall impression: ★★★★☆The author of one of his novels was made into a film based on a screenplay by him and John Malkovich. Photo: Ulf Andersen ()

Nicholas Shakespeare, born in 1957 in Worcester in the English West Midlands, and grew up as the son of a diplomat in the far East and in South America, including Brazil. He studied literature and then worked as a Journalist, first for BBC Television, and then for the Times.

forthe 1989 Pro-democracy to 1991 he was literary editor of “the Daily Telegraph” and “Sunday Telegraph”. After that, he continued to produce TV-portraits, especially writers, such as Evelyn Waugh, Mario Vargas Llosa, Bruce Chatwin. He is also the author of a Chatwin-biography.

Since 1984, Shakespeare published his own books, both non-fiction books such as novels, most of which are also published in English, including “The Vision of Elena Silves” (1989), “The pillars of Hercules” (1989), “In this night” (2004), “the storm” (2007), “The Inheritance” (2010) and “Broken Hill” (2015).

His novel “the dancer upstairs” (“The Dancer Upstairs”, 1995) was filmed in 2002, based on a screenplay by him and John Malkovich. This and other novels play in South America or have connections to this Region. His new novel, is now published in German under the title “the Boomerang”, will come out in England until next July under the title “the Sandpit”.

Shakespeare is since 1999 a member of the Royal Society of Literature, which promotes, under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II. British literature. He is also involved again and again for charitable projects. He is married to the canadian children’s book author and Illustrator Gillian Johnson. The Couple has two sons and lives in the English Wiltshire and Swansea in the Australian state of Tasmania.

Nicholas, Shakespeare: Boomerang (Original: The Sandpit, Harvill Secker, London, 2020). From the English by Anette Grube. Hoffmann and Campe, Hamburg 2020. 398 p., approximately 36 Fr.0 comment please Login to comment