about A hundred “yellow shirts” of the citizen collective ” Actions Citoyennes contre les mesures gouvernementales blocks since 21: 30 h. Friday night, the distribution of the bpost at Fleurus, in the province of Hainaut, belgium. The group, which in november 2018, on the basis of all the way to the brandstoffendepots, has decided to take the action to resume. The activists like to say that the inaction of the policy in terms of social, fiscal, and climate issues in the question.

According to a member of the collective is to prevent the protestors, that the trucks have the city to leave, and they are prepared to take action, that is, the intention is to be peaceful, to hold on till Saturday 8 am.

“Blockades, symbolic actions, demonstrations and consultative meetings, … in Spite of everything, the political power of the deaf to our demands. Bpost is still a company in which the state is a shareholder. The freezing of the state economy might be able to draw attention to our demands: a reduction of the vat rate on essential items and reducing the amount of the increase in the price of fuel. In addition, we need taxation for a review of that effort will be spread out over those with the biggest shoulders”, says the collective, in a press release.

as The activists point out, in addition to which bpost is working with one of the biggest banenvernietigers: the Amazon”. “We don’t want our money to contribute to the delivery of Amazon packages, which is due to the low prices, some of the small and medium-sized enterprises, forcing them to close”, it could be that.

The collective is stressed, lastly, that it is not a “klimaatsceptische, fascistic and counterproductive move,” but that the group is on the contrary, have fought for the “investing in green energy and the establishment of a fair tax system, so people with dignity, to be able to live.”

as The activists like to say that until december, the actions of organizing. “In the absence of a government is by no means a necessity the way to release the pressure on the politicians to maintain a” sound to it.
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