Addressing Teacher Shortages in Saskatchewan

A recent report has revealed that more than 170 uncertified teachers have been utilized in Saskatchewan to address teacher shortages in the province. These Temporary Teaching Permits (TTPs) were issued to university students who had completed their teaching practicum but had not yet received their certification. In rural and remote areas, community members with specialized skills have also been recruited to fill teaching positions.

The demand for temporary teaching permits increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a significant rise in the number of permits issued. While larger urban centers like Saskatoon and Regina have not heavily relied on temporary permits, rural school divisions have seen a higher demand for uncertified educators.

The President of the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation has raised concerns about the increasing reliance on uncertified teachers, attributing it to a decade of underfunding and cuts to education. Teacher retention has become a critical issue in the province, with calls for the government to address the root causes of the shortage.

Despite the use of uncertified educators, school divisions emphasize that they prioritize hiring certified teachers and conduct due diligence to ensure the quality of education. Parents are reassured that human resource departments monitor the qualifications of staff closely.

As the teacher shortage persists, rural and remote school divisions are offering incentives to attract certified educators to their communities. The Northern Lights School Division recently announced financial incentives for teachers willing to work in remote areas.

In conclusion, the reliance on uncertified teachers highlights the challenges facing the education system in Saskatchewan. Efforts to address teacher shortages and improve teacher retention are crucial to ensuring quality education for students in the province.

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