Have you ever been told to “never pitch your tent when your uncle is around”? So here is a joke that will make those around you laugh during your summer evenings at the campsite or by the fire. If there’s anything that can bond friends, family or couples, it’s above all humor!

Throughout the summer period, between July and August (until September for those who prefer to play extra time), there is always a time to entertain the gallery during the holidays. When the weather turns gray, or when it’s unbearable because of the heat wave, if your friend Patrick Chirac’s barbecue aperitif turns into a disaster or worse, you can’t find your tent after a drunken evening at the Camping Paradis… This kind of situation can often inspire a few jokes.

While some vacationers take advantage of a camping trip to spend a low-cost vacation, others prefer to reconnect with nature during a naturist stay. In each situation, it is not uncommon for the stay to be the scene of quite comical moments, as these Internet users have witnessed on social networks.

From failed humor to ribaldness, through unusual photos seen at their place of residence, there is something for everyone. For better and for worse, but mostly for laughs! Discover a selection of the best online jokes about camping through our slideshow.