Kristina and Karissa Shannon are relieved that Hugh Hefner is no more.

The twins, 32 years old, dated the Playboy mogul for 2 years from 2010 to 2010. They compared their time together to being in a “golden jail” and were sad when he died in 2017. However, they were thankful that his death prevented other women from being “groomed or ruined”.

Kristina said to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, “Hef acted as if he owned me.” Six guards would take us to our rooms and make sure we didn’t break his rules. Hef called it “HMF arrest”, after his initials. He preyed upon young, vulnerable girls like us. He would give you all the money in the world and then lock you up in his home, which was like a prison.

Hef’s death caused a part of us to feel sad. But another part of us felt, “OK, there’s no way more girls going to be groomed or ruined like we were.” Playboy seemed like one large family to me – but now I see that it was a cult.

Kristina said: “We were Playmates and employed. Everything happened at the mansion. So we want to pursue them.” We want the public to learn more about him and his life behind closed doors.

They slept together for the first times at 19 years old. Hefner claimed that he had given them drugs that left them “fuzzy, loose” when they were called to his bedroom.

Karissa stated, “It was creepy. We felt disgusted and filthy as if our bodies were not ours.

He said that the drugs would ease our anxiety. We tried some marijuana. At first, we felt frozen but the [quaaludes] helped us feel loose and fuzzy.

He kept repeating, “My babies, my babies” and cradling each of us as we laid on his side. He suggested that we call him Papa. We returned to our rooms at almost 5am the first night, and we all agreed that he was the devil. He is a dark soul. He’s going to hell.”

Karissa discovered she was pregnant by birth after undergoing a blood test in 2009. She arranged for a termination without Hefner’s knowledge because she couldn’t bear the thought of having a “devil child”.

She stated that she was not having sex or interacting with anyone else, so it could only have been him. It was my desire to get rid as quickly as possible. Hef never found out about my secret and I was very grateful. It was like an alien was living inside of me. It felt like the devil was in me. I didn’t want anyone knowing that I was carrying an 83 year-old man’s child.

Kristina said, “I found a clinic near LA. I got Hef’s security personnel to drop us off at the mall pretending that we were shopping. Then, I called my friend to come pick us up. It was possible to keep it secret.