Tornado Morgane Alvaro lands in the United States. Since its creation in 2021, the HPI series has been in full swing and has been hitting audiences with more than 10 million followers on TF1. After three seasons, the soap opera carried by Audrey Fleurot will be well adapted to American television.

“HPI has been an incredible international success as fiction in French and has conquered audiences all over the world”, testified Rodolphe Buet, the general manager of the Newen group, according to comments reported by the site Deadline in September 2022. According to our Fellow Americans, production company Newen Connect has struck a deal with ABC Signature, with backing from Disney Television Studios to buy the rights. A great opportunity for the French series also broadcast in a hundred countries around the world.

Since the news became official, ABC has ordered a first installment of HPI’s US remake, as reported by TV Line on May 16. A pilot episode which should be broadcast in the 2023-2024 season. But, another question is burning the lips of fans: which stars will play the police consultant with 160 IQ and her partner, Commander Karadec?

A question that the journalists of Télé-Loisirs asked Audrey Fleurot, asking her which actress she would like to see play her role. “Nobody”, she replied before justifying herself. “I would have preferred them to take the original series and subtitle it. I’m curious about the result because HPI is very French, and Americans tend to buy concepts and break away from them”.

However, the famous actress “fan of English humor”, who shared the poster with Michael C. Hall in the whodunnit Safe, believes “that those who could really make it something mind-blowing, it’s the British”. As for his sidekick Mehdi Nebbou, he admits to our colleagues. “I would have loved to see Steve Carell, who inspired me to play Karadec”.

While our editorial team had fun imagining the stars who could play the heroine in the American version, we now know the identity of the stars who will play the main roles on screen. Do you agree on the casting choice? Here it is in pictures in our slideshow.