The projects follow one another for Audrey Fleurot. Since the finale of season 2 of High Intellectual Potential broadcast on May 24, the famous actress continues to shine on the small screen. After the thriller Mensonges and Les Combattantes on TF1, she is the heroine of the mini-series Esprit d’hiver this November 10 Arte.

Popular actress with the French, Audrey Fleurot can boast of attracting between eight and nine million followers since the launch of HPI. Especially since the last episode of season 2 has its share of surprises in store for the pair of the police commander played by Mehdi Nebbou “Morgane and Karadec have (finally) kissed! And it’s on an explosive kiss that we have left our brilliant consultant!”, Indicates the first lines of the press release released by the channel last July.

A budding romance that may well sow discord between Morgane Alvaro and Adam Karadec at work. “The problem is that Karadec is still in a relationship and especially that Morgane has just discovered that Romain, her ex who disappeared years ago, is not dead but has rebuilt his life with another woman in England”, specifies the synopsis.

It was without counting on her father Serge (Patrick Chesnais), an inveterate HPI crook, who resurfaces in the life of the mother of the family with Einstein’s IQ. What will happen to him for Season 3? Planet takes stock with you. Audrey Fleurot notably revealed what awaits her character in the third part. “There was a desire to put her back in a precarious situation, because it is part of her DNA”, she reveals in the pages of Télé 7 Jours.

“After her kiss exchanged with Karadec, she gives up her post in the police to become a housekeeper again”. But nothing will go as planned. “Obviously, she’s very bad at this job and always ends up in lousy plans. But that’s what stimulates her intellectually, so she won’t be able to stop herself from taking over the investigations, on her own … which will put her in the shit“, she assures our colleagues. What to predict wacky intrigues for season 3.

No rest for Morgane Alvaro! After the finale last May, its interpreter Audrey Fleurot was back shooting for season 3, which began in the Hauts-de-France region on Wednesday June 29, 2022. As indicated in the TF1 press release, eight new 52-minute episodes are in the works.

Interviewed in June by Télé Star, the actor Mehdi Nebbou confided his expectations for the filming of season 3. “We will have to remain humble, fresh, innovate. Not to exhaust the system. to shoot a little earlier than last year, towards the end of summer, to have a little more sun than in the middle of autumn, and to have more outdoor scenes, by the sea for example. .”.

On the production side, new objectives have been announced. “We keep a high level of requirement and we want to go even further in the artistic ambition, whether it’s the diversity of the sets, the staging of Morgane’s interior flashes, more complex sequences why not with stunts, music”, confirmed co-producer Pierre Laugier to Parisian.

At present, there are many rumors circulating about the air date for the third season of HPI. According to Internet user Benji Medias on Twitter, TF1 PUB announced “2 dates for the broadcast of HPI, the TF1 phenomenon series: May 11 and June 15”. Information communicated last February by mistake (or not) by the site of the channel dedicated to professionals, confirmed by our colleagues from the site Puremedias.

While the first channel in Europe did not react to this announcement, the actress Audrey Fleurot would seem to confirm this indiscretion. In his Instagram story of Thursday March 23, the interpreter of Morgane Alvaro shared a new visual from season 3, via the @audreyfleurot_news account, as shown below in the image. “Morgane returns on May 11 on TF1”.

If the fiction is expected in the spring of 2023, 3 directors take turns to shoot the episodes. According to the channel, Mona Achache directs the first two issues, followed by Vincent Jamain (episodes 3 to 6) and Djibril Glissant, Audrey Fleurot’s companion, will close season 3. In the meantime, HPI fans can catch up by viewing the first two seasons on the MYTF1 video platform.

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