HPI arrives in Hollywood: 9 stars who could embody Audrey Fleurot on screen


A gifted conquest of Hollywood. While actress Audrey Fleurot has been a hit for two seasons with HPI on TF1, the famous detective series could be entitled to its adaptation in the United States. According to the Deadline site, the production company Newen Connect would have concluded an agreement with ABC Signature, with the support of Disney Television Studios.

“HPI has been an incredible international success as French-language fiction and has won audiences around the world, so we’re not surprised there’s an appetite for an English-language adaptation,” explained director Rodolphe Buet. general of Newen Connect, according to comments reported to the American media. “We were simply blown away by the enthusiasm of the ABC Signature creative teams and their sense of collaboration in meeting French producers”.

According to our colleagues, also quoted by Puremedias, the American production company ABC Signature is in the middle of writing the script for the American remake. Especially since the rights to the French series have been sold in more than a hundred countries around the world, indicates the site. What predict a new success for the French series worn by Audrey Fleurot and Medhi Nebbou?

With 10 million fans gathered for the first two seasons, filming for Haut Potentiel Intellectuel began last June in the Lille region. While waiting to discover the new intrigues of fiction, who could well embody the American Morgane Alvaro on TV? With her flamboyant style, her sharp outspokenness and her spirit of deduction, the challenge promises to be audacious for this future heroine…

In writing, we have already launched our predictions. It must be admitted: our choices are very subjective. Here are the stars that we would imagine playing well in the US version of HPI through our slideshow.