How to unlock a supermarket trolley without coins or tokens?


Who hasn’t found themselves in this situation before? The one where, arriving at the supermarket, there is no coin or token in the wallet to recover, during shopping time, one of these useful trolleys. How to do ? There is indeed a trick to save the day for the unfortunate… And it was on social networks that it was found. According to Femina, it was a user on the Tik Tok application who discovered the solution.

“System D” obliges, reports the media, she was forced to try something out of the ordinary… And the least we can say is that it worked. What is her technique when she forgets her token?

To unlock a shopping cart, you would have to insert a round key into the slot. Why would it work on these machines? Quite simply because the tool would look like… a €1 coin.

However, two precautions should be taken when using this technique. First, be careful not to injure yourself with the sharp part of the key, then, preferably, use a useless or old key. During the process, the only means of entering its housing should not break or deteriorate.

Other options seem to exist when it comes to borrowing a cart. Internet users, relayed by the Femina media, would have assured that it would be possible that the well-known colored key rings, provided with a label, would be sufficient for use. However, the simplest option is to bring with you a €1 coin or a token dedicated specifically to this need.