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Do you want to bring in some extra cash on your own time? If so, consider getting a side hustle. A lot of people across the U.S. take on small tasks or work as freelancers to earn extra money. Some of these extra jobs help pay off student loans, while others use the side income to save for future expenses. If you want to join the hard-working side hustlers, take steps to find the right gig for you. Here are a few ideas to boost your monthly income.

Follow your passions.


While there are plenty of side hustles like Lyft or Uber that anyone with a car can go, you can use this opportunity to expand your career by following your passions. Set aside time to ask yourself what you really care about and what motivates you outside of your day job.


Are you passionate about your community, like Tamil Canadian lawyer Malliha Wilson, who serves on several boards and local advisory councils? If so, you may be able to start a business that partially raises funds for a cause you care about. This is just one strong example of turning what you love into an income stream.

Identify how much spare time you have.

Everyone wants a little extra cash, but that doesn’t mean they have the time for a time-consuming gig. If you work a full-time job already, you might not want to dedicate several hours each night to your side hustle.


Make sure to evaluate how many hours you can realistically spend on your side hustle each week. This will prevent burnout and help you stay on top of any deadlines you have. For example, if you decide to craft and sell items on Etsy, identify how long it takes to make your items so you know how many orders you can accept.


The hours that you set aside can also affect the types of jobs you accept. While you could make a wonderful virtual assistant, taking on this role might not be a great way to make money you can only work late hours at night — not business hours during the day.

Test out different hobbies.


There are dozens of ways to get extra money, from listing your spare room on Airbnb to taking online surveys or acting as a mystery shopper. This means you don’t have to choose your side gig right away and instead can find the best hobby that works for you.


Check out this guide on side hustles for men, which provides opportunities for both active and passive income. Seeing what other people have done already for a side job is a great way to get ideas for your own plan to make extra money.

Market Yourself


A side gig is still a gig, which means you need to treat it with the same care and respect as any other job that you take on. Take steps to get your name out there and attract people to your business. This could mean promoting yourself on Upwork or Fiverr to get contracted for positions related to graphic design or social media. If you are driving with Uber or Lyft, work to keep your care clean and create a positive experience for riders.


Your side hustle makes you an entrepreneur. Focusing on this opportunity can help you launch your small business and turn it into full-time work.


Each freelancer is unique. Some people set up a graphic design or social media side hustle on top of their current jobs, while others turn to Etsy or Airbnb for creative ways to make money. When you find the right side job for you, you can make as much money as you want.