How to properly prepare your Retirement Savings Plan (PER)?


The new Retirement Savings Plan is a top-notch solution for supplementing their income or maintaining their current standard of living.

The PER is a savings product that allows you to contribute during your working life in order to benefit from additional income when you retire. Thus, when you stop your professional activity, you will receive your retirement savings in the form of an annuity or capital, according to the rules defined upstream. The system was set up in 2019 to replace old retirement investment products such as Perco, Madelin, PERP, etc.

Many PERs can be compared to life insurance. Indeed, the two products are accessible with two types of investment media, namely units of account and funds in euros. There are also bank PERs that offer more diversity among investment vehicles with competitive fees. If you are looking for a retirement savings plan with a good return, My PER, the PER from Inter Invest is an investment open to everyone, which offers total flexibility.

To properly prepare for your PER, it is sometimes a good idea to have an advisor accompany you, regardless of your professional situation and your age. The objective is to understand your situation and perform a precise calculation to determine the amount of your future pension, particularly with regard to certain existing arrangements according to your professional life or other solutions that you have put in place privately under the form of savings products, passbooks or investments.

By taking these different elements into account, the advisor will guide you towards the best solution so that your financial situation is systematically in line with your lifestyle and your objectives.

There are different ways to fund your PER. The first is to make voluntary payments, that is to say that you invest your money according to your savings capacity. The second solution is to make payments from your employee savings, i.e. the employer’s contribution, but also the time savings account. Last possibility: compulsory payments, from the employer or the employee.

In order to encourage retirement savings, the Pacte law offers an attractive tax system for transferring assets from a life insurance contract to a retirement savings plan. Until December 31, 2022, you will benefit from a doubling of the tax allowance on capital gains which goes from €4,600 to €9,200 if you are single and this amount reaches €18,400 instead of €9,200 € for a couple.

When you retire, your PER offers you two possibilities to recover your savings: the annuity, corresponds to a monthly payment until your death, or the capital withdrawal with a single payment or in several installments. In addition, you will also be able to use your PER if you wish to acquire your main residence. My PER being a 100% modular product, you do not have to make a clear choice between the two solutions, you are free to mix the two.

The time is yours to prepare for your retirement at your own pace. Thus, if you are aged between 30 and 40, you can already contribute moderately. Since the PER is a flexible contract, you will be able to adjust your payments at any time. To set up an effective PER, do not hesitate to seek advice from a knowledgeable person.