How to obtain a proof of retirement pension?


Do you know the proof of retirement pension? If you have already liquidated your pension rights, it is likely that you have already encountered this document. Basically, indicates the specialized site Reversion pension, it corresponds to an equivalent for retirees of the payslip. It is therefore one of the four main retirement certificates to which French women and men have access after their retirement. It also allows them to justify their resources in the context of specific administrative procedures, such as the request for a bank loan (in the context of a real estate purchase, for example). It can also be used for the tax return.

At least two organizations are able to provide proof of retirement pension: the Retirement Insurance and the supplementary pension fund, when the latter is responsible for paying the allowance. If this is the case, you can contact her by phone, by post or directly online using the contact form or the official e-mail.

However, if you prefer to go through the Retirement insurance, you will then have to log in to your personal space and then click on the option “Request my payment certificate”. An e-mail will be sent to you when the certificate is available in the personal space and it will be possible to download it in PDF format. You are then free to print or transfer it according to your needs.