Flying blind in uncertain future – a holiday to corona Switzerland instead of Swaziland, the joy on the little trip, more authenticity: Seven celebrities, and experts say where the tourism could go.Poll: Beat Eichenberger54 Kommentare54Wenn from the Bikini, a Trikini is …Illustration: Stephan LiechtiMax E. Katz, President of the Swiss travel VerbandMax E. KatzPD

“The travel industry is tested in crisis and has also seen hard times. Many companies have mastered the challenges of digitisation, and in the changed environment successfully claimed. The extent of the consequences of Covid-19, however, is not comparable with any previous crisis. It goes for many companies to Survive. But a large part will cope, thanks to Federal help out of this crisis.
The future? Virtual travel will continue to be no Alternative to the personal experiences of the world. But I can imagine that the nature of travel changed more in the direction of individuality, nature and authenticity will develop.”

Röbi Koller, Journalist and ModeratorRöbi KollerPD

“I’ve traveled a lot in my life. Temporarily too much. Often professionally, so I always had an excuse, if of moderation or flight shame the speech was. In 2018, for example, I was within eight months in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Colombia, Majorca, Germany, France and Iceland: for the organisation Comundo, as a travel companion on an expedition ship, on a choir trip and several times for the show “.
I have experienced anywhere Great and carry a lot of memories in my mind. But I have to admit that due to my constant being on the road traveling to luster has lost. I am therefore confident that for me this trip, stop by the “special circumstances” imposing, good. I’m more at me, observe my surroundings more attentively, and feel the unbridled anticipation of a little trip: to the roses ibach, place, past the land of mountain Park and down to the banks of the Limmat river.”

Regula Rytz, national councillor and President of Green Switzerland Regula RytzPD

“The Corona-crisis is a turning point in the modern travel world. The mass tourism is on the floor; everywhere the border were drawn the fences high. Many want to, for economic reasons, rapid in-the-Corona-back in time. However, there is no turning Back, because the next crisis is already in front of the door. It is the climate and environmental crisis. You changed the world much more than any Virus. Rising sea levels, deadly heat, forest fires, toxic mountains of garbage – the natural foundations of life of the people are threatened. We use the turning point, therefore, for a tag of traveling. We invest in European rail connections, in vacation experiences in front of the door and in education for people today of environmentally damaging forms of tourism live. You need new perspectives.”

Christian Laesser, Professor of tourism and service management, University of St. Gallen Christian LaesserPD

“We have an urge to Explore and to travel in the genes and not to listen so well when we are. With our travels and, in particular, the associated expenses we also one of the largest economic redistribution machine. Destinations are voluntarily miss tourism-driven prosperity. People will continue their explorations in accordance with their possibilities. Local or regional detention is not a desired state is, as we know now. The many destinations of this world will spend a lot of money, travelers back. The already long-lasting Trend towards more shared time with friends and Relatives is going to accelerate in addition, due to our digital fatigue and time-wise About virtualization, according to Corona.”

Martin Nydegger, Director, Switzerland tourism Martin NydeggerPD

“I think that the world is after Covid-19 only slightly, but sustainable change. The experiences were too serious, as that nothing will change. But for a total change of the man is too slow. I firmly believe that, is just setting in tourism, an age of Reflection. The need for mobility, consumption and freedom will remain high, but it will be marked by the Reflection on the Local. The Swiss are going to make more holidays in their own country, and not because of the much-cited flight shame. But out of Conviction and devotion to the homeland. We fall in love again in Switzerland.”

Christoph Ammann, head of the travel editors of Sunday newspaper/Tamedia , Christoph Ammann

“The pandemic and its precursor verhagelten me the visit to the trade fair in Berlin, a trip to Asia research in Vienna, and on Guernsey, as well as a vacation in Germany. Maybe I’ll leave the Packed programme framing and hanging it in the home office. Because even after surviving the crisis, we will have to keep primarily in mind games and memories. First, it will take the misery of a long time, until all the borders again to open the second, countless tourist Player will disappear, and third, the fear will paralyze in front of a Covid-19-contagion, our plans: How, please, should we relax on the busy beach or in the summit restaurant surrounded by avid hikers enjoy the view?
these are the short-term prospects. In the longer term, will have shrunk the travel business healthy and environmentally friendly re-stabilize. And maybe it is but at some point, what with Guernsey and Vienna.”

André Lüthi, President & CEO of the Globetrotter Group André lüthi, Franziska Scheidegger

“After the Virus is re-traveled – without a doubt. And there is a high probability that we will fall back into old patterns – Overcapacity, Cheap holidays, Instagram-hustle and bustle, over tourism and climate sins. Or is it not? Has shown the Virus to the world of Tourism, perhaps, but that waiver, or “reduce to the max” a lot of Good carries? Will arise in the case of the tourism providers such as in the case of the traveller, thanks to Corona awareness? In the future, traveled with more respect for the countries visited? Is profound travelled instead of always superficial? We realize that the true voyage of discovery is a gift – and not simply a consumer good that needs to be pulled in?”

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