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Do you dream of becoming the new Stéphane Plaza? Why not ! The real estate market is very dynamic and the sector recruits throughout France. In town as in the countryside, real estate even in times of crisis remains attractive. According to the Nexity site, in 2023, sales could thus reach the number of 950,000 against 1.1 million in 2022. Rural areas have always been popular since the lifting of successive confinements. In short, real estate investment is not running out of steam and remains the preferred investment of the French.

To become a real estate agent, you will need certain qualities. First of all, be mobile and have a means of transport available, because outdoor meetings follow one another throughout the day. A certain endurance and a little patience will make it possible to survive sometimes long days.

The taste for human contact and the spirit of persuasion are other essential qualities for the exercise of the profession of real estate agent. Indeed, you will have to convince either the owners to trust you or the potential buyers to conclude a sale with your agency.

To become a real estate agent, it is recommended to have solid training to successfully understand the challenges of the profession. Different levels of training are also possible. Some ranging from Bac 2 to Bac 5. You can therefore start with a BTS real estate professions (possible alternately), then continue with a professional license specializing in real estate.

Then completing the training with a master’s degree in real estate and housing law, real estate law or town planning and construction will allow you to specialize and gain skills even if in this profession a lot can be learned on the ground.

To specialize in a specific area of ​​real estate, there are also masters in project management and real estate management or asset and real estate management. Finally, a diploma from ESPI, the higher school of real estate professions, could be a real asset for entering this profession. There are campuses all over France in Paris, Nantes, Marseille, Lyon and even in Montreal.

The start of a career requires a lot of investment for a gross monthly salary of 1,500 euros which will increase over the years to 5,000 euros gross. Depending on the sales made in his agency, a salaried real estate agent with commission will receive between 10 and 15% of the fees.

Indeed, after obtaining the professional card, the real estate agent often begins his career as an employee of a real estate agency by taking care of rental properties. He may also be required to solicit in surrounding buildings to succeed in signing new mandate contracts. As his experience and the development of his network progress, he can become a real estate negotiator and manage more profitable transactions.